OHIP, Out of Province and No Insurance X-Ray and Ultrasound Coverage

  • All services are covered under OHIP
  • Out of province coverage accepted
  • Discounts for No Insurance Ultrasounds and X-Rays
  • No more paying hefty fees for Ultrasounds and X-Ray if you do not have OHIP
  • We are open 7 days a week with fast reporting times
  • Walk-in Ultrasounds
  • Minutes from HWY-401

We understand the cost related to medical treatment in Canada if you do not have insurance or OHIP coverage. If you or a family member is visiting Canada and does not have OHIP or any other insurance, we provide discounts for the tests.

Compared to non-insurance ultrasounds at hospitals where you pay a minimum of 200 to 300 dollars or even more for ultrasound and X-Ray exams, we charge a lot less for these exams. All you need is a requisition from a doctor. Call the clinic to get exact costs for the tests.

Toronto East X-ray & Ultrasound specializes in offering ultrasound and X-Ray services in GTA. Having over 20 years of experience in the field, we have been providing our clients exceptional services with fast turnaround times and results sent to your doctor. You do not need to wait for days or weeks to get your ultrasound done.  We are open 7 days a week with walk-in Ultrasounds facilities.

Toronto East X-ray & Ultrasound provides high-quality, comprehensive and cost-effective services. Our highly skilled professionals and equipment is updated with the latest innovations in technology. When you are referred by your doctor, we will book an appointment and also guide you on how to prepare ahead of your visit. On the appointment day, you will meet one of our professional staff who will explain the procedure to you. Following the ultrasound scan, your doctor will receive a complete report. We are a high quality teaching facility for three of the top ultrasound schools in Ontario.

Benefits of Getting Ultrasound Services at Toronto East X-ray & Ultrasound

Improved patient outcomes

When it comes to medical tests, experience is everything. We believe in providing patients a seamless patient care experience. We strive to keep our patients happy by providing them with excellent services and quicker response time.

Rich Experience

With over 20 years of experience in offering Ultrasound and X-Ray services in GTA, we provide our clients onsite-services and a better experience. The clean and modern facility will give you a rich experience and quality results.

Walk-in Clinic

As mentioned earlier ours is a walk-in clinic, which means you do not need to wait for days to get your ultrasound done, but can get it on the same day. We understand the need for fast access to care.